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One of the first IIT coaching institutes on the net, the site offers a lot of information on the courses available at FIITJEE. Solutions to IIT JEE Screening Test 2000 are also available on the site. If you are thinking about joining a course for IIT preparation, this site is definitely worth a visit.


This site may not be visually very appealing, but it offers good questions for the IIT JEE. If you are looking for practice tests for the JEE, this is the place you should be looking!


This site offers online IIT courses, the actual MIIT package consisting of lessons as well as assignments. The site also gives necessary details about the courses offered by MIIT.

Test Mine

Test mine started out well as a good mine of IIT JEE questions. The screening tests can be done online. However the site has not been updated for quite some time. A unique feature is that you can sell or buy used books online. Anyway, definitely worth a first time visit.

Aakash Institute

Don't get hijacked. Take your admit card from Aakash Institute (that's what the ad says, site not reviewed)

Apex Academy - Top Ranker's Choice

IITS - A venture of Ex- IITians

Sehgal School of Competitions

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