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List of Publications

Dilip Antony Joseph
Indian Institute of Technology, Madras

  1. Dilip Antony Joseph, B S Manoj, C Siva Ram Murthy, ``The Interoperability of Wi-Fi Hotspots and Packet Cellular Networks and the Impact of User Behaviour'', submitted to ICC 2004, Paris.

  2. Dilip Antony Joseph, Mukesh Mohania, Manoj Kumar, Manish Bhide, Ajay Gupta, Mukul Joshi,``Defining Data Administration and Operational Policies at the Business Object Level for E-Governance Applications'', to appear in the proceedings of the First International Conference on E-Governance, New Delhi, December 2003.

  3. Dilip Antony Joseph, ``An Integrated Approach to Software Engineering using XML'', Proceedings of ITPC 2003 (International Conference on Information Technology - Prospects & Challenges in the $21^{st}$ century, Kathmandu, May 2003

  4. Dilip Antony Joseph, M Vidyasagar, Sharmila Mande, ''Highly Trained Neural Network Predictors'', CASP5 Method Abstracts

Dilip Antony Joseph 2003-10-27