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IIT 2001

Glimpses of Life@IIT MADRAS, October 2001

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THE CS Batch of 2000

Saraswathi Garden

This ain't no forest(except for the animals)
Hostel Zone@iit.madras

The ultimate Maths wizard(Prasad) & Danjo

The Mallu Gang

We don't believe in polluting 
our environment! <SHEESH>

Pondy & Koppondy??? :-)

Guys and gals @Genesis

Saraswathi again!

Great minds work over this table!

CS batch again, with me behind the camera

Hey, that's fattest book I could find 
for the photo!

God & Dilip
(Aravind Thyagrajan, AIR 1, JEE 2001)

That's me on my bed, 
with another fat book ofcourse!

Genesis again!

Swastik, Phani, BP & Danjo

Genesis group photo after mass

Genesis yet again!

we always appear to be studying, huh?
Nice try!!!

CRC 205
After a very interesting Graph Theory class

Ooops, Swastik forgot something!!

Koli & Danjo

My new comp!
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